Friday, November 5, 2010

Scarlet woman!

So. Maybe I flirted today. Okay, so I totally did. With some random guy at the supermarket. Don't even know why I did it, really. I just sort of struck up a conversation with this man because I liked his shirt, and next thing you knew we were chatting away, and maybe I was smiling, and laughing, and he was sending signals, and maybe it was okay with me.

And then it was over, because someone was coming in to the parking lot, and he had to move, and then I was already in my car, and so that was it.

It was SO WEIRD though. See, I wasn't much of a flirt when I was married, because, well - I WAS MARRIED. But now I am not. So. See.... well, you know. I could have a story now. A "we met in the parking lot" story. I am not looking to meet someone -- not at all. Not at all ready to get anywhere near a date. But "500 Days of Summer" was on yesterday, and she has that whole speech about how she was in a diner and this guy asked about the book she was reading and now they were married, and it stuck in my head, I guess. So I told some random guy in a parking lot that I liked his shirt. And he smiled at me and chatted back. Which made me feel somehow encouraged. Like maybe sometime, someone will speak to me in a diner.

And I will have a new story to tell.

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  1. Love this post, EB. Nice flow. Great details. Good, good stuff. THe part about not flirting because you were married, though made me laugh because Tom and I are forever claiming that the other is the "bigger flirt." Now, get out there and flirt, Girlfriend!