Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011!

Wow, I am not a very consistent blogger, am I? All apologies to the five of you who maybe are reading this....

I am SO EXCITED for this new year to begin! 2010 and I were not friends, no way no how. Kicked that one to the curb, and am looking forward.

The biggest issue facing me is getting it all organized. The money, the house, the mind, the job situation. Balance will be crucial, and it's not something I am naturally good at, not even in yoga class, so I feel this as a most keen challenge.

Come to think of it, what am I good at in yoga? Flexibility. Always have been. There is probably something very zen to be said about this, flexibility and balance and the dance between them. Hmmm...

One thing I am woefully too good at is talking. Oh, I can talk (and - ahem - blog) about all my great money-making ideas, this class, that class, this book, that book, this thing, that. What I am not good at is putting things into action efficiently. I bought a domain name and a website host for my coaching business, and a dear friend helped me write content. All I need now is a photo of me, and I am set. Two months I have been waiting to put a photo on there. So my mind gets to say "way to go! You are starting a coaching business! Look at you with the website and the business cards and the postcards from Vistaprint!" but my checkbook knows better. The cards sit on the desk, the postcards sit somewhere else entirely, and I am the only one who has ever seen my website, as it has not launched yet. What is that?

I need more money. Period. And earning more means my life will have to change. Radically. I will have to stop spending my mornings luxuriating on line, and get more work, or write that damn book already, or take the photo, make the phone calls, WHATEVER. I understand so well why the Titanic sank -it was big and hard to turn. And apparently, so am I.

I am going to borrow a page from my dear SARK (www.planetsark.com) and do a micro movement today. Just do SOMETHING and perhaps the inertia will get me going and I can keep going. Because I am a funny little beast - sit me down and it's all I can do to get up again.

Sigh. It's all up to me in 2011. Rats. And - Yeah!

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  1. I LOVE your blogs E. You are so enlightening, witty, wise and amazing ! Please keep them up- they do help me a lot (and you know what I mean :-)

    God Bless-and let's all have a better year this year- 2011 is going to be great- it has to be. 2010 ... boo to you !

    Hugs !