Friday, January 14, 2011

About a boy

Oh.....someone broke my daughter's heart today. Via TEXT message! What a little douche. At least be a gentleman, and tell her to her beautiful, way-too-good-for-YOU face. But instead the wayward Lothario sent her a text, and it contained the dreaded F word. "I think we should just be friends." UGH! A text, AND a cliche? You, my little man, are not a gentleman.

I know they are young. I know he has no more experience in this stuff than she does. But still - they were going out for over a year, which in high school terms is at least one reincarnation with the same mate, and he sent a text? Seriously?

She has been crying for three hours. And she just won't let me in. Oh, dear Second, I know this road you walk. And I know that this is your first broken heart, but it won't be the last. And as you get older the stakes will get higher, and it never, never hurts any less. And I am betting that you might break a heart or two yourself. But I am quite sure you won't send a text to do it.

I hate that I can't make this better for her. And I hate that this is just the beginning of a long journey of kissing frogs and longing for unrequited princes, and having the wrong guy profess undying love, and all the rest of it. And I sort of love that it's all beginning for her too. It's kind of exciting, meeting someone new, dating, the dramz.

And it's awful.

But your heart will scar over, baby girl, and you will feel better. But for now, listen to the sad songs, cry through a box full of tissues, and listen to me when I tell you that he is an idiot. You are the prettiest, the nicest, the fiercest, the smartest and the best girl around. And I am not saying this because I am your mother, I am saying it because it's true. You rock. You really, really do.

And he really is an idiot.

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  1. He really is an idiot because I know your daughter is as beautiful inside and out as her mother. Your are right however...the heart aches any age and first loves will be those we never forget but also ones to learn from. I hope your beautiful girl is able to see how wonderful she is and every day the tears become less and less. Yes- he is an idiot. Young, boys... even as adults sometimes they just don't get it.